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Caress You The Right Way

Bruce Escapade and his girl Ariana Marie lie together on the sofa loving a individual couple's massage from the super-sexy Holly Michaels. Holly takes her responsibilities seriously, spending lot time kneading lotion into Ariana's supple body. She takes her time with Ariana's breasts, and then cracks the massagist code and removes her client's towel to slide her palm between Ariana's legs in a blatant invitation to turn this session into something more.Ariana anxiously accepts, turning over at Holly's urging. The massagist gets things warmed up right away, undressing out of her clothes and climbing onto her new lover's back to use her immense funbags to fondle more lube into Ariana's clear skin. Then, Holly turns her attention to Bruce. She removes the towel from his straining erect man-meat and climbs onto his stomach so that she can use both forearms to fondle lot lube onto his dick. Ariana is so turned on by the glance of her lover getting a hand-job from her massagist that she can't help the urge to masturbate. Her palm creeps between her legs to massage her needy gusto button as her eyes remain glued to the fabulous sequence toying out beside her.After an initial experimental fondle of her humid coochie across Bruce's well-oiled cock, Holly decides that she loves the sensation. With her hips in full swinging motion, Holly massages herself against her man's spunk-pump and then sits up to bend forward and use her impressive baps to create a chasm that Bruce's slicked man-meat can shove through.Tired of being on her own, Ariana relocates so that she is seated atop her man's mouth, where he anxiously takes the hint and commences slurping out his woman's mouth-watering shaved twat. Holly uses her mouth, too, wrapping her lips around Bruce's man-meat to gusto him even more.With their three-way in full swing, the group changes things up. The nymphs get down on all 4s on the brink of the sofa side by side so that Bruce can go down on his knees and use his jaws and thumbs to gusto both of their running in rivulets humid pussies. He goes to work with impressive enthusiasm, alternating between Holly and Ariana's vulvas as the nymphs exchange smooches and play with each other's hands.Finally Bruce decides that his nymphs are humid enough to take things a step further. Rising to his feet, he slides his spunk-pump deep into Holly's cock-squeezing needy twat. The shoves are rock rock-hard enough to make Holly's immense funbags jiggle with impressive movement. Holly gets in on the action, gargling her woman's nips and giving her long lingering smooches as her cock-squeezing poon gets a proper tearing up until she shoots a load with a immense shriek of completion.Now it is Holly's turn to have her coochie stuffed. Down on her forearms and knees, she whinges and moans as Bruce packs her to the brink and works her needy twat. Ariana slides beneath her woman, cushioning Holly with her body and giving her girl something to hold on to as she is torn up hard. This new pose allows Bruce to screw both nymphs one after the other, choosing whichever cunny he perceives needs to be crammed more, and he takes advantage. He keeps it up until Holly explodes in ecstasy, her whole body shivering with her completion.Next, the nymphs come back to their side-by-side position. This time they are on their backs with their legs confined high so that once again their stud can take turns ravaging their man-meat craving vulvas while they exchange sugary-sweet kisses. The soft lust and the immense rock rock-hard shoves from their stud Bruce work magic for both nymphs as one after another they are brought to their Second climaxes of the afternoon.As Ariana whinges her Second ejaculation of the day, Bruce ultimately reaches his limit. Pulling out, he explodes all over his woman's belly. Holly doesn't want that excellent cum to go to waste; she leans in and laps at Bruce's essence so that she can snowball the liquid into Holly's waiting jaws and then seal the hump session by using her thumbs and jaws one final choky orgasm.




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