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Circle Of Mates

Veronica Rodriguez, Odette Delacroix, and Kiera Winters are 3 very different ladies who are brought together by their mutual enjoy of sexual pleasure. The 3 takes their time unclothing each other, interchanging long and impatient kisses as their clothes come off.When they are all nude, the ladies glob to the ground in a pleasure-giving circle. Odette lies with her hatch sunk in Veronica's pussy, while Veronica gives the same sheer delectation to Kiera and Kiera tongues out Odette. Their positioning allows them to caress each other's bra-stuffers or use their arms for added hold on their woman's caboose cheeks. Soon, all 3 girls' hips are undulating in sheer delectation as their tongues work each other's raw impatient twats.When all 3 ladies are sizzling and choky with excitement, they shift positions. Veronica finds herself in the middle, her hatch pressed to Kiera's soaked gash as the black-haired squeezes her bra-stuffers and pinches her nipples. Meanwhile, Odette drops to her arms and knees to continue the thorough slit licking that she has been delivering to Veronica. They continue like that until Kiera reaches her climax. Her body trembles as Veronica keeps up the oral sheer delectation to the very end.The ladies switch positions, leaving Veronica in the middle with her attention now focused between Odette's wooly cooter and Kiera's sleek clean-shaven folds. Kiera enjoys her position on the bottom, taking the opportunity to lovingly lap at Veronica's jiggly gash with her pierced tongue. With Veronica's efforts, Odette is briefly jiggling as her orgasm shifts through her.Kiera and Odette switch places once again so that Odette can take her time licking out Veronica's cock-squeezing rosy pucker and raw hole. Veronica is blessed to work Kiera in the direction of a Second orgasm with her endowed tongue at the same time, anxiously buying her face and frigs in her lover's pussy.Odette is determined to bring Veronica to the edge. She uses both hands, with a finger sunk inside her woman's shell and the other hand rubbin' Veronica's tender bud with enhancing speed. Finally Odette is rewarded for her efforts as the Latina babe shrieks her sheer delectation as her slit splooge gush everywhere.Sated, the 3 ladies curl up together and close their eyes to enjoy the afterglow of an astounding romp session.

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