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Humid Mischievous And Super-hot

Leah Gotti steps into the bathroom and turns on the super-hot water. She takes her time soaping up beneath the spray, making sure to pay attention to her full perky baps and her jiggly ass. Her palms slide and slide along her moist skin, leaving her wanting something more fulfilling than just a shower. Soon enough, her desire comes true when Van Wylde joins her.Taking Van's mitt to lead him beneath the spray, Leah paws his weenie until the water has made it moist and smooth while he comes back the favor palming her bare pussy. Getting on his knees, Van replaces his mitt with his tongue so that he can feast upon Leah's jiggly twat. He uses his lips as well, putting every trick he knows to work for his lady's pleasure.Rising to his feet once again, Van takes the time to glob openmouthed kisses on each of Leah's udders before mildly pushing her down so that she can wrap her tender lips around his firm dick. She's antsy to deliver the requested blowjob, and takes evident sheer sensation in bobbing her head back and forth while licking and throating Van's weenie all the way down. She follows her impressive dt up with a melon plow that leaves them both antsy for the real deal.Rising to her feet and turning around so that her bubble bootie is facing Van, Leah plants her palms against the wall and holds on for dear life as Van slips in from behind and crushes off a rock-hard quick gash pounding. Leah can't contain her awakening as her hips budge in time with Van's strokes, enhancing both of their pleasure. When they switch things up so that Leah stands on just one leg and props the other up high to open her vulva for Van to continue fucking, she can't contain her wails at the sheer sensation of this new angle.Looking to switch things up, Van lays down on the tile floor and lets Leah mount him. From his new position, Van can observe with greedy eyes as his busty lover rides his stiffie while the water pulverizes down around her. Her booty-bouncing technique is just right for both of them, driving both playmates ever-closer to climax. Leah is the first-ever to let herself fall over the edge, taking her sheer sensation with a squeal of ecstasy. She then helps Van back to his feet while she lingers close to the ground in perfect weenie throating position. Her efforts are shortly rewarded as Van frosts her torso in a bathroom of cum that leaves her grinning and sated.





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