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Love Song

Clothed in a flowing white dress, fabulous brunette Hennessy rambles outside and finds her lover Totti sleeping in a chaise in the shade. She dips her fingers in the super hot pool as she approaches him, and then wakes him by dribbling water over his pecs and fondling it in.When Totti opens his eyes and witnesses the zeal written throughout Hennessy's face, he is instantaneously rock hard and ready for action. She stands lengthy enough to slip the top of her dress down to her waist, uncovering her pointy full mammories that her fellow finds irresistible.After several minutes of adoring Hennessy's mounds with his palms and mouth, Totti urges her down onto her palms and knees so that he can sensation her more intimately. Pawing her round ass, he uses his tongue to lave along her silky shaved fuckhole and up to tease the edges of her bunghole until Hennessy cannot stop from moaning loud and long.Eager to come back the oral favor, Hennessy climbs atop her fellow as he lays back against the chaise to love her ministrations. Using her tongue and hands, the huge-chested brunette laves her beau's rock hard penis and jacks him in the direction of completion.As Totti nears the limit of his endurance he pulls Hennessy up to straddle his hips and impale herself upon his pulsating erection. The 2 love the closeness of the long, slow pushes of cowgirl pose for a while before switching to doggy style.The intensity of their fuck-a-thon ratchets up another notch as they both rise to their feet and Hennessy wraps her palms around her beau's neck to anchor them together while he enters her from behind and squashes her tender mounds with his hands.When Hennessy's ejaculation is finally within reach, they come back to the chaise so that her guy can thrust her over the edge of sensation in the missionary position. As she basks in the afterglow, Totti withdraws from her saluting snatch and uses his mitt to wank himself off to completion all over her smooth breasts. With a mushy smile, Hennessy trails her fingers through her man's love fluid before drawing him in for a final searing kiss.





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