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Memories Of A Threeway

Sitting outside, Alexis Adams luvs a individual moment to read through her diary and to reflect on her three-way with Karla Kush and Bambino. The memories are so strong that Alexis just can't keep her palms off of her humungous boobs as she gets steaming and insatiable just reading about her adventurous lovemaking.In Alexis's memories, she and Karla are rapid to peel off each other's boulder-holders so that they can take turns playing with each other's boobs while Bambino watches. When Alexis pulls up Karla's miniskirt, Bambino leans in to pull off her g-string and then dives in with his eager throat to enjoy a lusty puss eating.Next the women enjoy the showcase as Bambino peels off for them. It isn't lengthy before he globs to his knees in front of his 2 femmes so that he can slide his tongue into Alexis's landing unclothe labia while tracing his finger along Karla's needy snatch. When Alexis replaces his palm on Karla's labia with hers, Bambino focuses all his attention on his puss feast.After bringing Alexis to a rapid climax, Bambino flips his attention to Karla. Wanting to keep her other paramour involved, Karla anxiously laps and eats at Alexis's landing unclothe crevasse when it is positioned directly above her face, leaving both women pleasurably engaged.The oral joy isn't over until Bambino gets a turn, and the women are eager to comply. Taking turns opening their faceholes wide, Alexis and Karla produce a double blow-job bj that leaves their paramour covered in spit and rock-hard for the screw fest he knows is coming.Getting down on her palms and knees, Karla offers up her cock-squeezing coochie to be the first-ever to be filled by Bambino. He takes her up on her offer, sticking himself balls-deep into her puss and then going to town with milks so rock-hard that her whole body trembles with the force. Switching things up, Alexis lies down on her back so that she can cradle Bambino between her thighs while also accommodating Karla when she positions her puss right above her lover's mouth. Karla's face sitting doesn't last for long; soon Karla has arched forward to take Alexis's strong boobs in her mouth, which happens to put the blonde's baps at the perfect stance for Alexis to come back the favor. Bambino takes the next turn lying on the bed while the women dominate him from above. Alexis embarks out by getting Karla situated in a cowgirl stiffie ride that has the light-haired shaking her arse with the strength of her efforts. Once Karla is stiffly impaled on Bambino's screw stick, Alexis takes her place over his throat so that he can satiate them both at once.When Karla has pummeled Bambino to her satisfaction, the women arrange themselves in a Sixty-nine with Alexis on top. That way, Alexis can play with Karla's landing unclothe coochie to her heart's content while Bambino can slide into Alexis's puss from behind to produce the rock-hard fuckin' that Alexis needs to reach her enjoyable peak. As Bambino works Alexis to her final ejaculation of the day, he reaches the end of his own endurance. Just as he perceives Alexis pulsating around him, he lets out and urges her onto her knees so that he can spray his pop-shot all over her generous breasts. There's plenty of mess, but fortunately there are 2 lusty women to eat Bambino clean.




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