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Mi Amor

Spunky and sexy, Alexa Tomas admires her slender body in its boulder-holder and g-string that are brilliant for the seduction she plans. A paw of perfume and her plan to bring Fernando to his knees is complete. When Alexa passes Fernando on the stairs, he doesn't even make it a step before reaching out to rub his black-haired lover and pull her in for a deep kiss.Totally well-prepped to play, Alexa cups Fernando's rock-hard pink cigar through his jeans as he works to peel off her boulder-holder and thong. When Fernando takes advantage of his stance beneath Alexa to press his tongue and throat to her clean-shaved cooter for a poon feast, Alexa's breathy yells let him know in no unsure terms that she is loviní every moment of it.Switching catches sight of with Fernando so that he rises above her, Alexa pulls his jizz-shotgun out and wraps her super-fucking-hot eager lips around the head. Her fervor is absolute as she slurps and gargles from the base of Fernando's nutsack to the tips of his pink cigar and then leans forward for some bj action.Although the pink cigar greedy vixen could continue throating her guy off forever, Fernando has other plans. Elevating Alexa off her feet, Fernando presses her back to the mirror and slips her down until she is totally impaled on his rock rock-hard erection. There's nothing mushy about his harsh and rowdy shoves as he takes her rock-hard against the wall, but Alexa is totally into the deep poon pounding.The couple relocates to an ottoman so that Fernando can lay Alexa out and continue his supremacy of her needy twat. He alternates his milks between slow and deep, and rock-hard and rapid to give Alexa the ultimate pleasure.Turning over so that she is on her arms and knees, the Latina ultra-cutie snivels with excitement as Fernando slurps her cock-squeezing ass-hole to titillate her. When he rises to his feet and jams himself deep into her vulva for a rapid possession that turns into a harsh doggie-style pounding, Alexa is right there with him to match her lover stroke for stroke.Switching things up, Fernando takes a seat on the couch and urges Alexa to climb on top of him. When she is totally seated with his jizz-shotgun nestled deep inside, Fernando proceeds his frantic fucking. This stance beats all of the right catches sight of for Alexa and even lets her reach forward to knead her clit, a enjoyable mixture that leaves her gasping her climax.Heading back to the mirror, Alexa heans forward to take Fernando's member from behind. The mirror lets her admire her flushed body and the sight of her lover dominating her, a mixture of stimuli that act as an absolute turn on for the Spanish coed. By the time Alexa reaches another orgasm, she's so over the moon with enjoyment that her poon juice come erupting out.Knowing that she has reached the absolute pinnacle of her pleasure, Alexa droplets to her knees to encourage Fernando to join her. It only takes a few moments of Fernando giving himself a hand-job for him to reach the edge of his endurance. Moments later, steaming strands of jizz start shooting out to cover Alexa in a gooey facial jizz flow that is exactly what she wished for.





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