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Scarlet Red can't keep her forearms from straying beneath her g-string to play with her white pearly pussy, but Karla Kush has nastier ideas about what they're going to do for their playtime. After cording a blindfold around Scarlet's eyes, Karla steals a kiss from her paramour and then takes off Scarlet's boulder-holder to free the blonde's bouncing boobs.Working her way down Scarlet's body, Karla takes a few moments to suckle her lover's bra-stuffers until her nipples are peaked and rock-hard before eliminating Scarlet's thong. Now that her dame is completely nude, Karla can indulge herself in lapping away at the juicy clean-shaven slit that has been unveiled. Finding Scarlet super-cute and wet, Karla takes things a step further by pushing 3 fingers deep into Scarlet's vagina to accent her smart tongue.Finally pulling off her own bra, Karla opens the blindfold so that Scarlet can observe again. Knowing that her absolute rapture is in on the line, Scarlet takes one look at the long glass faux-cock that Karla holds and then gets on her forearms and knees so that her juicy vagina is completely open to her lover. Karla takes her time pressing the fucktoy into Scarlet's sheath, spanking Scarlet's arse and pressing her thumb into Scarlet's cock-squeezing butt-hole as she works the faux-cock deeper until Scarlet can no longer contain her moans of ecstasy.Knowing that it's her time to shine, Karla switches spots with Karla and then dives in for a landing de-robe slit feast. Her eagerness is demonstrable as she works her tender lips and tongue on Karla's rosy folds, leaving her platinum-blonde paramour gasping and wailing at the extraordinaire feelings.Now that each of the damsels has had a chance to super hot up with a climax, playtime can truly begin. Arranging themselves on their knees with their bottoms only a few inches away from each other, they simultaneously impale themselves on the double-headed dildo. Now that it is stiffly seated between them, they can each rock their hips and grope each other's butt fuck holes in a passionate ride that leaves them each screaming.When they are eventually done with the toy, Scarlet tongues it clean while the damsels press their bottoms together to enjoy the friction and even some booty slapping. Their eagerness isn't quite sated yet, as they display when Scarlet spreads her legs so that Karla can settle herself on top of her twat. Gash to pussy, they lovemaking each other until their bodies are quivering. Unable to help herself, Karla concludes the day by returning her mouth to Scarlet's cunt for a final taste of the heaven with which their fucky-fucky started.




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