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Bed Of Roses

Sensual Latina babe Veronica Rodriguez comebacks home from work to find a trail of rose petals leading to a bounty of lingerie. Knowing what she has to do, Veronica gets undressed and slips into her new magnificent scraps of fabric, then makes her way to the bedroom where she finds rose petals everywhere and an empty jewelry box. As she wonders what may have happened to her gift, she is surprised by Bruce Escapade putting a necklace on her from behind. Throwing Veronica down on the bed, Bruce instantly dives into her landing de-robe pussy. After warming her up with long sweeps of his tongue against her sugary-sweet slit, he positions his ample trouser snake against her opening and then thrusts himself into her sizzling wetness. After a few moments pistoning in and out of Veronica's envelope in a insatiable ride that thrusts both of them to the limit.Eventually Veronica finds herself on her forearms and knees with her vulva held high in the air so that Bruce can plunge into her from behind. Their ball-slapping hook-up then gives way to a oral delight fellatio as Veronica shows that her spinner bod can take every inch of her lover every way she wants him.Climbing aboard Bruce's humungous trouser snake again, Veronica slows things down as she bounces up and down in a stiffie ride that gets her little titties bouncing and her breath injecting panting bellows of pure ecstasy. After Veronica has had her pack of jizz-shotgun deepthroating and cowgirl, Bruce resumes control of their fuck-fest by rising back into a posture of force above her. He alternates between stiff fast strokes and slower, shallow thrusts and then flips Veronica over for a vulva banging that takes her to the next level of pleasure.Very nearly satisfied, Veronica flips positions one last time so that she can ride Bruce in reverse cowgirl style until her final climax rocks her spinner bod and brings vulva splooge spewing out from her screw hole. Moments later, Bruce reaches his climax deep in Veronica's saluting pussy, glutting her with his splooge colored cum.




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