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Classy Dawn

Beata enjoys waking up in the morning when her paramour Wein Lewis has spent the night. Wearing a white robe that glazes her ordinary t-shirt and panties, she greets her boy with a kiss that soon evolves into something more.Wein turns his dame around and holds her close, pressing her up against his full salute as his palms stroll the front of her body. One arm closes around her utter titty for a tender squeeze as the other glides down the front of her panties where he feels how hot and well-prepped for him Beata is.Helping her up onto the kitchen table, Wein removes the remainder of Beata's outfit as they exchange smirks with one another. When Beata's top is around her mid-body and her panties are but a memory, her boy bends down to suckle at her tender clittie and glide his fingers into her cock-squeezing pussy.Eventually, Beata's boy completes his ministrations and kisses his way up his lover's stomach and wraps his lips around her firm lil' nips before he draws away completely.Beata takes the hint, climbing off of the table and ripping off to her knees in front of her paramour so that she can undo his pants and take his throbbing full salute into her thirsty mouth. She devours him with her tongue and lips, anxiously eating and sucking at him as he pumps his thighs in pleasure.Although Wein could have liked the suck job until he emptied himself into his woman's mouth, the lovers dream one another too much to remain apart any longer. Beata comes back to the mind-blowing glass table, laying on her back as her boy parts her thighs and glides his firm fuck-stick along her crying twat before taking her arm as he presses deep inside of her. Unable to remain on the table, Beata sits up with her boy sunk deep inside her and wraps her palms around his neck so that he can elevate her and hold her close. After remaining locked like that for a few long moments, Beata comes back to the table so that she can lean forward and present her luscious arse and pouty pink labia to her beau.Wein reenters her, shoving with renewed vigor. When the table does not provide quite the right position that they are looking for, Wein takes a seat in a stool and lets Beata mount him. She glides down on his full salute with her back to him, giving herself unrestricted access to fondle her tender orbs and her aching tender clitoris. Such deep penetration and unbelievable stimulation soon sends Beata over the brink into ecstasy.With sheer enjoyment still fluttering through her belly, Beata comes back to her knees and wraps her lips around her man's dick. With a few expert sucks, she soon completes her boy off so that she can enjoy every spurt of his jizz as he erupts in her mouth.





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