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Summer Eagerness

A red-hot outdoor douche paws brown-haired babe Leyla Black's smooth skin as she rinses off after an afternoon of sunbathing. She luvs the way the water feels, notably against her gentle globes as she paws them beneath the spray. When Totti joins her a few moments later, the afternoon heat pales in comparison to the fire blazing between these 2 lovers. Their kiss evolves into a deeper eagerness as Totti leads Leyla away from the douche and squeezes her lithe booty in supplication. With a smile, Leyla urges him to get down on all 4s at her feet to lick and finger her red-hot hairy pussy. Burning with desire, Leyla falls to her knees and wraps her lips around Totti's turgid dick. Taking it into in her jaws after some leisurely licking and sucking, she continues to give him an awesome inhale job that seems to go on forever.Finally the lovers can't stand to linger apart any longer. Raising Leyla's leg high in the air, Totti shoves up to submerge his stiff trouser snake into her greeting hole. A few moist and kinky shoves in that stance perceive incredible, but soon Leyla turns and leans forward with her mitts on the douche so that Totti can reenter her from behind.Eager for something more intimate, the pair settles down on a pool tabouret with Leyla on top controlling the speed of their lovemaking. They switch from cowgirl with Totti suckling Leyla's stiff nipples to reverse cowgirl for even deeper penetration. As Leyla's orgasm comes within close reach, she urges her man to bring her over the brim from the rear as she shrieks her pleasure. Fulfilled, Leyla helps her man to his own completion by taking him back into her talented mouth. As he reaches the brim of exploding he whips out and Leyla open her warm, willing jaws to swallow and relish every drop of his cum.





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