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Gina Gerson is incredibly loosened as she waits for her boy Kristof Cale to join her and give her a voluptuous massage. Kristof takes his time, dripping Gina's legs, back, and cute bottom with lube that he gropes in very slowly.The allurement of Gina's clean-shaved fuckbox is too much to resist for long. Unloading the lube onto Gina's smooth-shaven mound, , Kristof bends forward to use his tongue to gusto her turgid enjoy button and 2 stiff fingers to push deep into her cock-squeezing sheath. Although things embark out slow and sensual, Gina's boy is unable to limit himself for long. His tongue videos faster and stiffer across her needy fuckbox as Gina pumps her hips and fondles her stiff nipples. The attention shortly sends an climax shuddering through Gina's body that leaves her moaning and well-prepped to be fucked.Kristof keeps things voluptuous as he kisses his way up his woman's shuddering body and slides into her in the personal missionary position. They spend lot time enjoying the slow penetration, but as Gina's gasps and bellows indicate that she is getting close to her Second climax of the day Kristof responds by speeding up to deliver a proper fuckbox pounding.As Gina gives her body a chance to enjoy the durable pleasure, she helps her boy to lie down so that she can take his huge spunk-pump in her mitts and deliver a long slow blowjob. Her obvious gusto is an amazing turnon to her boy as she tongues the head of his wood like her beloved treat before taking him deep into her super-hot humid mouth.When she can't take the anticipation any longer, Gina stretches her legs and carefully presses her slick fuckbox to her man's spunk-pump to make their personal connection. They enjoy that position for some time before Gina moves into cowgirl position to ride her boyfriend to their mutual pleasure. One more change in position leaves Gina using her boy as her personal hook-up toy as she turns her back to him and pumps her hips until she spews in ecstasy. Now that he has seen to his woman's satisfaction by letting Gina call the shots, Kristof gets on his knees and pistons his spunk-pump in and out of Gina's saluting pussy. He is so primed for passion that it takes just a minute of pumping for Kristof to bring himself off all over Gina's slick round donk that awaits his love.





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