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Threeway Desire

Van Wylde knows that he is one lucky boy when Kendall Kayden and Kimmy Granger strut up to him in full-on allurement mode. Their boulder-holders are easily removed as Van swaps kisses with Kendall and then Kimmy. Once the women are both topless, they bury to their knees in front of Van and go to work extracting his bone for a shared double fellatio that only gets him hotter and kinkier as they take turns deepthroating him.Taking things to the bedroom, the women have Van take a seat so that they can put on a demonstrate for him. After enjoying a searing kiss, Kimmy presses Kendall onto the bed so that she can rub her lover's pearl over her panties thong. Luving what she finds, Kimmy peels Kendall's thong off and then settles in for a stellar cooter gobbling that is augmented by 2 frigs pushed deep into Kendall's greedy twat.Although Van likes his voyeurism, he desperately wants to join in. Approaching the bed from behind Kimmy, he slides her thong down her legs and off so that he can take the lusty coed from behind. Getting her cooter plumbed doesn't stop Kimmy from feasting on Kendall's snatch; if anything, Kimmy is even more enthusiastic about putting her talented throat to work for her lover's pleasure.Switching things up, Kimmy adjusts her posture so that she is seated atop Kendall's face with her cooter in the perfect posture to be eaten out. That leaves Kendall's cooter wide open for Van to press himself inside for his and Kendall's deep pleasure, and the takes full advantage with long shoves of his hips.The 3 shifts into a similar position, only with Van lying on the bed with his assets available for Kimmy's and Kendall's pleasure. Kimmy puts her lusty throat back to work, leaning nearly double to give Van a blowjob. Meanwhile, Kendall plops her cootchie atop Van's throat and then bends forward to buy her face in Kimmy's puss so that the lovers create a triangle of oral enjoyment that is only cracked when Kimmy turns around and drowns down until her envelope is fully impaled by her lover's shaft.After taking a few moments to get her caboose into the proper rhythm, Kimmy goes to town bouncing atop Van's member while Kendall bends forward to rub her palms all over Van's bone and Kimmy's cock-squeezing caboose to enlarge both of their pleasure. The moment Kimmy's cooter starts throbbing with ecstasy, the lovers switch it up again so that Kendall is on her palms and knees taking a doggie-style cooter banging while Kimmy sees and drains with the help of Van's fingers.Although Van could impatiently continue to please his 2 coeds all day, his endurance is only so good. He reaches the end of his restrain just as he extracts of Kendall's snatch. Aiming his cock, he pours out all over Kendall's caboose and cootchie so that Kimmy can lap up his glue while sending a few final shivers of enjoyment through her lover at the paw of her tongue on Kendall's sensitized twat.




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