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Roommate Allurement

Kimmy Granger arrives home with her beau Johnny Castle. The couple is prepared for a super-hot time, but when Kimmy goes to her room she finds her roommate Aidra Fox transferred out naked in her bed! That's okay; Kimmy is happy to include Aidra in her fuck-a-thon and Aidra is happy to be seduced into an impromptu Three-way with Kimmy and Johnny. Soon all 3 of them have worked their way out of their clothes in anticipation of a super-hot mind-blowing time.The moment Kimmy and Aidra have gotten Johnny out of his shorts, they press him down onto the sofa so that they can enjoy giving him a blowage together. They bring their sizzling forearms into the mix up to enhance Johnny's sheer pleasure as they take turns munching and blowing his long big rod until it is rock hard and prepared to fuck.Aidra is the lucky chick who gets to climb onto Johnny's trouser snake first. She buries slowly onto his screw stick, taking a moment to get used to the perceiving of conclude fullness before pumping her hips in a tittie bouncing stiffie ride. Kimmy gets down on all 4s by Aidra's side, using her magic thumbs to caress her lover's nub until Aidra is groaning her ecstasy.Pulling out of Aidra's heat, Johnny shifts Kimmy onto her back and then slides right in to her tight twat. While Kimmy is having her vag boned by Johnny, Aidra plants her vag right on Kimmy's face so that the brown-haired can give sheer pleasure as well as receiving it. She only climbs off when Kimmy's squeals of enthusiasm indicate that she's getting closer and closer to cumming.The 3 rearranges themselves so that Aidra and Johnny can have spooning fuck-fest while Aidra concludes Kimmy off by inserting her thumbs in and out of Kimmy's screw fuckhole in time to Johnny's thrusts in her pussy. The moment Kimmy's figure commences buzzing with orgasmic ecstasy, she finishes off onto her knees and goes to work caressing Aidra's nub until her roommate joins her in the land of bliss.The women aren't completely pleased yet, so Johnny is happy to delay his own sheer pleasure and keep playing stud. When Kimmy gets up on her forearms and knees, he eagerly slides into her vag from behind to give her a doggy-style vag pounding. Aidra desires some additional action, too, which she achieves by climbing on top of Kimmy so that Johnny's every thrust forward sends Kimmy's backside caressing against Aidra's clit. The unique strain leaves Aidra right on the edge of another orgasm, so that when Johnny pulls her toward him to get her screw fuckhole filled she finishes off quickly.Aidra's throbbing vag walls leave Johnny unable to delay his own climax a moment longer. He scarcely releases of Aidra's gash before he explodes, adorning Aidra's snatch and Kimmy's backside with his love. The women sample Johnny's cum, liking the flavor of his love.




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