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Jaslene Jade and Elle Alexandra meet each other in passing in the hallway, but a single soft fondle shortly transforms into a passionate make out session. Elle acts as the aggressor, clipping Jaslene against the wall and testing her woman's facehole thoroughly. Jaslene is not about to take things passively, though, and together they investigate each other's bods with their mitts as they kiss. Soon, Elle slips her woman's boulder-holder down enough to kiss her way down Jaslene's neck and slide her impatient lips over her woman's firm nipple. That fondle of nude skin isn't nearly enough, so Elle slowly slips Jaslene's panties down her legs and then off too leave her chick nude and ready.After a few more kisses, the gals decide to take things to the more comfortable location, and budge to the bedroom by musical consent.Pressing Jaslene down on the bed, Elle recaptures her lover's lips in a soft kiss that is slower and more exploratory than their prior coming together. Elle works her way out of her boulder-holder and Jaslene takes advantage, sitting up enough to latch her lips onto Elle's tight lil' nipple and suckle greedily.Gradually Elle falls off to the side, wrapping her mitt around Jaslene to grope one soft knocker and cuddling close so that she can bite at her lover's neck as her other mitt slowly trails down to the smoothly-shaven softness at the apex of her thighs.As Jaslene lifts her hips in entreaty for more attention to be paid to her soft clitoris, Elle obliges by crawling down her woman's figure and focusing all of her ministrations in that soft spot. She punctuates her stiff rubs with long sweeps of her fragile tongue and sneaks back up to steal occasional kisses. With her lover so determined to make her cum, Jaslene shortly dissolves into an astounding orgasm.Unwilling to leave Elle unfulfilled, Jaslene urges her chick onto her mitts and knees so that she can slide Elle's panties off and out of the way before positioning herself beneath Elle's lifted pelvis. Pulling her woman's hips down, Jaslene positions Elle's smoothly-shaven fuckbox purrfectly so that she can lap at it leisurely.Elle is unable to linger still as Jaslene works magic with her tongue, undulating atop her woman's facehole and rocking back and forth on the bed. Eventually, her knees are unable to keep her upright. The gals exchange a kiss as they shift positions so that Jaslene can spoon with Elle and help finger her until she finds her completion.




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