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Deep Fumble

Gina Gerson has been promised a soothing massage by her paramour Rasty, so she makes herself comfy on the massage table as she waits for her dude to deliver. Although the massage commences off with long, rock-hard strokes, Gina's dude is not able to keep things from taking a sensual turn for very long.Turning Gina over so that he can plant a deep kiss on her lips, Rasty then kisses his way down his lover's assets and settles between her hips to enjoy a leisurely feast on her clean-shaven pussy. Even after Gina returns to her belly, her man's face lingers submerged in her slick vulva for a few moments longer.Rolling to her side with her dude spooning behind her, Gina hoists her gam to open her antsy coochie so that Rasty can drown his man meat into her molten hole. His movements are slow, bringing delectable sensation to both of them as they enjoy the intimacy of the position.When they decide to switch things up, Gina takes the opportunity to reciprocate the handle of oral fuck-fest that Rasty gave to her earlier. Laying down with her upper assets resting against her man's leg, Gina devours the head of his man meat in her jaws and sucks the peak for a moment before taking more of him in. She settles into a sensual rhythm, alternating between taking her dude deep in her jaws with long luving jerks and teasing him with lil' licks.As Gina finally pulls away, she has yet another surprise in store for her man. First-ever she lubricates up his gentle dick and then she applies the lubrication to her fragile feet. Leaning back, she takes her man's hard-on between her feet and pumps him as she rubs her gentle pointy nipples. After such an amazing treat, Rasty is happy to let Gina climb on top of him and impale herself on his rock-hard man meat so that she can ride him like her own intimate stud. Her coochie gets taller creamier with each shove of her hips until finally she gushes in an amazing orgasm.The couple isn't done, though. Gina climbs to her knees and bends forward for her dude to re-enter her doggie-style as he drives her toward another quick orgasm before extracting so that he can cum all over her perfect luscious ass.





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