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Double Trouble

Megan Rain and Marley Brinx are getting ready for a night of seduction. The women can't keep their forearms off of their cock-squeezing bodies as they shower and get all made up so that they can bring Ryan Driller to his knees!When both women are looking luscious they converge on Ryan and make it clear that they're in charge. The clothes that they so carefully applied are quick to slide off as the trio interchange searing kisses and languorous licks. Soon they have Ryan on his back so that they can produce a double oral enjoyment by taking turns gargling and gargling his hard dick.When the women decide it's time to take things a step further, Marley gets the first-ever stiffie ride while Megan plants her cream-colored fuck-hole over Ryan's face so that he can munch her horny puss. Marley is soon bouncing while Megan bends forward to munch her lover's clit, doubling Marley's pleasure.When Marley is shuddering with ecstasy, Megan ultimately gets her fuck-hole filled. Getting down on her forearms and knees, she presents herself for a proper pussy drilling that Ryan is happy to deliver. Marley is happy to assist, even helping Ryan to touch his pink cigar between Megan's delicious backside cheeks.Swapping places with Megan, Marley gets down on her back and spreads her knees to welcome Ryan back into her cock-squeezing twat. Ryan is happy to keep playing stud with strong steady jacks while Marley gets hotter and hornier. Megan's forearms roaming all over Marley's bra-stuffers just get Marley more turned on than ever, bringing her over the brim once again.As Megan gets ready for another round of orgasmic bliss, she climbs onto Marley's face for some pussy slurping and then bends forward to inhale on Ryan's cock. The trio soon switches things up so that Megan can go for her own stiffie ride while Marley gobbles and touches Ryan's testicles to work him towards his unpreventable cum explosion.No sooner has Megan begun her climax than Ryan can't hold back any longer! Marley finds herself with a face total of Ryan's explosive pop-shot that Megan anxiously spreads around and gobbles off of her lover as they love playing in Ryan's love cream in the afterglow of their threesome.




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