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Girlfriends Dream

Jiggly seductresses Karina White and Zoey Kush spend a sunny afternoon enjoying each other's charms in their quest for passion. Clothed in blue and rosy lacey camisoles and matching underwear, Zoey and Karina come together to share a red-hot smooch that punch begins other, deeper desires.Karina takes off off Zoey's top to unsheathe her perfect pointy tits. Cupping them in her hands, Karina suckles her lover's tight budded nipples. Zoey returns the favor, liquidating Karina's top and kneading her total breasts.After a enjoyable interval, Zoe takes things a step further when she kisses her way down Karina's belly and glides her panties off to part her womanly folds with her sensitized tongue. Karina witnesses raptly as Zoey licks and gargles her impatient pussy. Soon her eyes drift closed as Zoey's touches draw her ever closer to completion.Long licks up and down Karina's sobbing pussy drive her close to the edge, and the graze of teeth as Zoey suckles her delicate joy button shoves her over into an awesome climax that leaves her breathless for breath. Satisfied, Zoey draws Karina into a long, slow kiss.Now that her bod is sated, Karina takes control. Showering Zoey's tanned skin with kisses and lapping at her globes with her tongue as she works her way down to her ultimate destination, Karina peels her lover's panties away.Zoey's need is visible in the clitties of liquid fantasy that coat her sugary-sweet slit, and Karina eagerly uses her tongue to lap the sugary-sweet treat. Slipping a finger into her partner's tight supah warm hole, Karina is careful to pay extra attention to Zoey's gentle clit. Although Zoey tries to control the delight palace up inside of her, she is shortly defeat by a sheet-gripping, scream-inducing orgasm.Crawling up Zoey's body, Karina seals their bang-out session with a sensual smooch that leaves both dolls total of anticipation for the next time they come together.




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