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Love To Love You

Lovers Clover and Dido Angel enjoy a girl's day in trying on uber-sexy clothes in each other's company. Turning around from admiring herself in the mirror, Clover stands proudly and strokes her slim assets while Dido witnesses with evident excitement.Finally, Dido is no longer able to stand the anticipation. Crawling throughout the bed, she climbs to her feet and crosses the room to her paramour so that they can take their time peeling off each other's skimpy clothes amidst plenty of massages and kisses.Kissing her way down Clover's body, Dido delicately disrobes her lover's g-string and then uses her tongue and tender massages to gently fondle the brunette's clean-shaven pussy. When Clover's gams can no longer hold her up, Dido helps her doll to the bed and then resumes her slow sensuous allurement with her lips, tongue, and even her teeth.Next Clover takes her turn between Dido's legs, using long sweeps of her tongue and massages of her mitt to drive the blonde horny with pleasure. Once she has her doll moaning, Clover settles in with a stiff apex of her tongue to work her lover's tender nub until Dido is wailing and gasping.Switching things up once again, Dido leans forward over Clover's slim assets to enthusiastically eat out her woman's needy pussy. She can't get quite the angle that she wants, however, so she spins Clover onto her arms and knees and sinks her face in the fever of Clover's cascading twat. This new stance ultimately tips the brown-haired over the brink and her assets clenches and rocks with the power of her climax.Eager to repair the pleasurable favor to her lover, Clover takes Dido in her arms and presses 2 stiff fingers deep into the tightness of her smooth-shaven sheath for a long stiff vulva fingering. Dido can't get enough of the stiff thrusting motions, guiding Clover until her fingers hit her g-spot. After a few horny moments, Dido reaches her climax with a long loud scream of completion and pleasure.Sated, the ladies share a long kiss as they enjoy the afterglow of their lovemaking.





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