18 Sex Teen

Tempted To Fondle

After a day of running errands, sensual Ebbi is well-prepped to get her clothes off and ease off with some self-love. Unbuckling her shirt, the blond takes her time pulling the fabric away to reveal her tits with her rigid puffy nipples.Moving right on, Ebbi rolls her attention to the buttons of her jeans. She keeps up the same slow pace as she lil' by lil' works her pants down her long slender legs and then punches them off.Running her hands up her heated thin body, she likes the caress of her thumbs in a feather-light touch before putting one leg up on the counter to open her smoothly-shaven puss up to her first-ever exploratory touches. Her thumbs find just the right spot right away, drawing a bellow from her lips and bringing a wiggle to her hips.Soon Ebbi decides to take a seat so that she can get comfortable and go to town pawing her needy twat. One forearm creeps up to clutch and squash at her utter tits while the other works her firm lil' bean to thrust herself further closer to the edge.This stunning blond knows just how to caress herself to bring herself off in a large orgasm that gets her hips bucking in the stool and her smoothly-shaven puss twitching. As she slowly comes down from her release, she continues her slow gropes all over her body in a graceful massage that leaves her smirking and sated.





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