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Smooth Moves

Nessa Shine is lucky enough to be receiving a massage from her boy Denis Reid, but as Denis paws oil into his woman's puny bosoms and vapid belly, Nessa guides his arm lower to flash that she has something more sensuous in mind.Not one to ignore his lady's cues, Denis takes a hint and starts a sugary-sweet fuckbox massage up and down Nessa's slick smoothly-shaven slit. Nessa repays the favor, running her arm up and down the full salute in her beau's boxers until she is distracted by Denis gliding 2 fingers deep into her jizz hungry twat.Once Nessa has eased her boy of his briefs, she impatiently wraps her steaming lips around his rock-hard beef whistle to give a blow job that is slow and sensual. Her leisurely drains with her gentle throat gradually speed up until she is going full tilt munching her man's big dick.When she is ultimately able to pull herself away from fellating her man, it is only so that she can climb atop her beau's pound chisel and slip down to ride him cowgirl style. The slick massage oil makes it easy for Nessa to take in every inch of her guy, and as she pumps her hips Denis takes advantage of her bosoms by wanking and sucking.Next Denis lays Nessa down on the table so that he can use the perfect height to raise his woman's legs and wedge his beef whistle deep into her dripping sheath. Their ball-slapping fuck-a-thon is punctuated by Denis getting down on his knees to greedily lick out Nessa's smoothly-shaven pussy, but shortly eh is back on his feet and plowing away at his delectable fuckbox until Nessa cries out in the height of her climax.Dropping to her knees, Nessa goes to work with her hands to provoke her boyfriend towards his climax. Once Denis takes over, Nessa simply opens her throat and waits to be showered with jizz in a wet facial jizz flow that leaves her plenty of jizz to happily eat off.





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