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Ascend To Lust

Perched atop Rasty's lap as they make out, brown-haired Silvie Deluxe guides her man's palm down her vapid belly to rest between her thighs. Rasty knows what to do, sliding his long frigs beneath Silvie's underpants and fondling his fingertips along her wet vagina as his female gasps and moans. Rasty's kneads increase in size firmer and quicker until Silvie dissolves in her very first orgasm of the afternoon.With a nasty smile, Silvie encourages her fellow to remove her boulder-holder and massage her generous breasts. She sinks down Rasty's body, dropping to her knees and smirking up at him as she runs her teeth and frigs lightly over the hard bulge in his briefs. Ultimately pulling her man's jizz-shotgun out, Silvie takes his bulge in her gullet and goes to work pumping him with her lil' arms as she bj's him with her expert mouth.Rasty is happy to repay the favor, turning his female around so that her back is to him and loosening her of her wet underpants so that he can submerge his face in her obese caboose and drive his tongue deep into her cream colored vag while she squirms within the anchor of his heavy hands. The awesome heavy pleasure seems to go on forever, but Rasty isn't done with his female yet. Carefully pushing Silvie forward, Rasty gropes the tip of his trouser snake along her cascading vagina and then drives himself deep into her welcoming heat. Using her arms to steady herself on the stairs, Silvie turns around in Rasty's arms so that they are facing each other as the rhythm picks up.When Silvie's breaths step by step change to short choky moans, her fellow lays her down on the ground with her feet resting on the Second step and slides back into her cock-squeezing vag with deep long strokes. Silvie's orgasm cracks over her moments later, and her bod bucks beneath the restraint of Rasty's hand.Wanting her beau to have the same awesome pleasure that she has just experienced, Silvie returns to her knees with her man's jizz-shotgun in her eager mouth. A few minutes of expert stroking and fellating is all Silvie needs to receive a salty wet money-shot all over her sensuous tits. Arching forward, the brown-haired gobbles and bj's her man's jizz-shotgun to enjoy the last few drops of his love.





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