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Super-sexy Iwia is enjoying some alone time as she caresses lotion into her feet and legs while she waits for her lover Johny. When Johny joins her, he takes up where Iwia left off in her voluptuous massage while Iwia uses her other foot and then her palms to test the readiness of Johny's erection.Finding him stiff and eager for more, Iwia wastes no time. She glides out of her thong and pulls Johny's trunks off so that she can climb atop him and ride his spear as it glides up and down her jiggly landing disrobe slit to create friction that is luscious for both of them and only concludes when Iwia's first-ever orgasm breaks through her slender body.While her bod is still shivering from its original climax, Iwia lifts her thighs and then glides down so that she is totally impaled on Johny's spear and able to punch off a hasty and furious stiffie ride deep in her shivering twat. The deep invasion swiftly brings her off again with a scream of excitement.Next Iwia decides to quiet things down a touch so she climbs off of her intimate stud and sidles up between his legs so that she can give him a molten raw blowjob. She uses her tongue to massage the head of her guy's spear and then works her bobbing head down over Johny's sausage until she has taken it all with bj action.Determined to enjoy some bj of her own, Iwia next crawls up Johny's bod and plants her jiggly slit right over his face so that he can slurp and deep-throat on her mushy folds. When the lovers come together once again in reverse cowgirl style, Iwia's beaver is totally sleek and sleek for the slit fuckin' she receives. She rides her lover with expert thrusts of her hips, fumbling her bud as she gets closer until she dissolves into groaning wails of ecstasy.A gentler ride follows when Iwia turns around and indulges in some slower bounces while riding Johny's spear and staring into his eyes. He little by little picks up the tempo as he reaches his own peak of pleasure, until he pulls out at the last moment and blows a load all over Iwia's tanned toned ass.





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