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Ash-blonde hottie and her boy Tommy can't get enough of each other's impatient lips as they exchange long passionate kisses. Tommy's forearms snake around Dido's slender waistline and softly ease off her of her simple white bra, palming and shaping her total hooters with his massive hands. Those caresses lil' by lil' stir down until Dido is bellowing as her boy is massaging her delicate cunny through her damp thong.Leaning back, Dido stretches her long legs to rest her feet on her guy's belly and then slowly drags her toes down to flirt and fondle against his rock hard erection. Sitting up and crawling over to give her bf a kiss, Dido works her way down her man's figure to continue where she left off with her long sweeps of her steaming tongue. When Tommy can't take the sensual stimulation any longer he stands and urges Dido to come back to the lounger on her mitts and knees. Her whole figure shudders with sheer sensation as her boy squeezes her backside with his massive mitts and gropes his wood against her thigh before pulling her g-string down to trap her legs in place.Dido's ultra-cute shaved cunny is completely open to her man's ministrations in her kneeling position. Tommy embarks by teasing her humid folds with his thumb, but he can't resist the temptation to give his dame a thorough cunny tonguing before he stands and pushes deep into her saluting hole.Soon, Dido finds herself riding reverse-cowgirl style on her own individual stud, taking it deep and rock hard as she pumps her thighs and runs her mitts up and down her mushy body. Wanting a lil' bit more intimacy, she reverses her stance so that she can glance her boy in the eyes as she continues to take charge of their lovemaking.Tommy is happy to let Dido lead for a while, but as the couple continues to get closer to their ejaculations he pulls her to her feet and raises her leg to stance his dame in a way that gives him all the power. With long pushes that leave Dido's total mammories jiggling and draw loud wails of pleasure, Tommy convinces a body-shaking ejaculation from his lover at the same time that he reaches his own climax.When her boy withdraws, Dido gropes her backside to encourage a load of steaming spunk down her toned internal thighs as she kisses her bf with awesome tenderness and passion.





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