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Sumptuous Stranger

Fiery red-haired Faye Reagan awakens after a night of eagerness spent with her new lover Giovanni to a kiss that shortly turns into more. As shortly as Faye is awake, her fellow begins kissing his way down her neck to reach her soft clean-shaven pussy.Still sleepy but open to Givoanni's advances, Faye parts her thighs as her beau nuzzles his way between her legs and begins eagerly lapping at her juices. She luvs the attention, fondling her jugs and pinning her nipples.As she comes further into wakefulness, Faye becomes a more engaged participant in their lovemaking. Pressing her fellow down to the bed, Faye wraps her petite hands around his long firm boner and brings the head to her antsy lips. Her hatch closes around the tip of his boner and she applies experienced suction that shortly has him moaning in pleasure.Ready for more, Faye climbs atop Giovanni's stiffy and mounts him in the cowgirl position. After just a few thrusts, however, the pair switch to doggy style. Pleasure overtakes Faye and she slowly collapses to the couch while her fellow ensues her down without missing a thrust. He turns her over and reaches up to squeeze her soft titty as he pushes her over the edge of her orgasm.As Faye comes down from her pleasurable high, Giovanni places a soft kiss on her lips and then finishes himself off all over her vapid belly.





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