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Summer Heat

Handsome Latina Veronica Rodriguez luvs the breeze of the supreme outdoors as she seduces Van Wylde with a slow dance. By the time she presses her thong-clad caboose to Van's lap she finds Van's hard-on rock-hard against her swinging hips.With Veronica tightly seated, Van's hands are free to roam anywhere. He begins by slipping his hands beneath her hooter-sling to caress her petite tits, and then flips his attention lower to pull aside her g-string and rub her landing undress pussy. Once Veronica has slipped her g-string down her legs, she returns to the couch to take Van's lollipop with her hands and mouth. Her perky lips are soft as she slips them down on his member for some oral job act as she gives him a hot and naughty blowjob.Eager to come back the delight that Veronica has given him thus far, Van helps Veronica onto her hands and knees and then bends in to sample her fuckbox juices. He luvs what he tastes, and so he settles in for a full-on fuckbox eating session that even includes spearing her cock-squeezing slot with his rock rock-hard tongue.When Veronica has been all warmed up by Van's oral attention, he rises up on his knees and then plunges his lollipop into her saluting heat. She takes her doggy-style fuckbox boinking with a huge grin that speaks of how much she's luving every stroke of Van's lollipop deep inside. As Veronica gets closer to cumming, Van lets her take control. After he settles into a seated position, Veronica climbs on top of him and begins bouncing away in reverse cowgirl position. Her saucy poon gets taller increasingly wet as she brings herself to the edge, and as she falls over her fuckbox bursts her juice everywhere!Going right back to work after her climax, Veronica resumes to ride her man's stiffie. Van keeps up a breakneck tempo as Veronica resumes to use him as her private stud. As she gets close to a final meeting with ecstasy, Veronica gets on her back and lets Van take over the work explosion so that she can focus entirely on erupting her delight everywhere.Veronica's final orgasm of the day is still pulsing through her body when Van reaches the restrain of his endurance. While her coochie is still pulsing with ecstasy and spurting its juices, Van lets go deep inside to glut his lil' Latina lover with his cum.




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