18 Sex Teen

The Loft

Johnny Black massages his paramour Kitten Jane's neck in a mushy massage between 2 lovers that shortly evolves into something more sensual. Sliding his lover's hooter-sling down her hands and then off, Johnny unleashes Kitty's smallish titties so that he can reach around and cup them in his arms and softly clip her firm nipples.Opening herself to the gusto her boy wants to give, Kitten loosens on the sofa and parts her cream colored thighs to let Johnny dip his sizzling tongue between her moist folds and munch her until she cries out in pleasure.Happy to give as good as she gets, Kitten presses her boy down to her vacated place on the sofa and positions herself between his legs. She takes his stiff member into her mouth, focusing her attention on the mushy head as she licks and fellates until Johnny can't take the exquisite sheer pleasure any longer.Settling herself slowly over the peak of her man's dick, Kitten lowers herself onto her lover's penis until she is totally impaled. She rides her boy for a few sensual wanks before allowing him to turn them both onto their sides so that he can enter her from behind.Spooning together, Johnny raises Kitty's leg high in the air and paws her stocking-clad thigh as he thrusts into her. The intimacy of their position is incredible, but with a searing look Kitten lets her boy know that she needs something deeper to find fulfillment.Mounting her beau in reverse cowgirl style, Kitten gets her wish. Johnny drives into her warmth with long deep wanks that shortly drive both of them to incredible orgasmic completion.





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