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Proper Cooch Banging

Ria Rodrigez knows she's looking super-fucking-hot in a chase white hooter-sling and sheer lacy panties as she runs her arms all over her gorgeous tasty assets in anticipation of delectation to come. When she is assured that she is irresistible, she crawls into the couch where her dude Totti is napping and resumes to wake him up in a way that every dude dreams of.Trailing kisses down her beau's stomach, Ria gives him a wild sneer when he is eventually awake. She is derailed on her mission to take him into her eager throat by his embrace, where he swiftly eases her of her hooter-sling and lavishes attention on her pert globes and diamond rock hard nipples. Unwilling to stay dispelled from her ultimate goal, Ria mildly presses Totti back into the couch and frees his bulge from his briefs. Holding her man's huge boner sustained in her hand, she gobbles the head and then opens her throat and throat to take him deep inside. Totti wisely lies back and enjoys the long liking blowjob.Starting at Ria's feet, Totti slowly works his way up to the super-cute bald gash between his lover's legs where he drowns face in the softness. Lifting his woman's thighs so that her cascading vulva is easy for him to reach, Totti takes his time sweeping his tongue over Ria's soft folds.When she is well-prepped and open for him, he glides into Ria's cock-squeezing heat as she squeals in pleasure. Totti's slow jerks are briefly transformed into a rock hard gash banging when Ria rises to her arms and knees and shoves her arse up in the air for her dude to take her doggy style.Things briefly get acrobatic as the lovers take advantage of the shape of the bedframe that allows Ria to cling to it while she pumps up and down on her man's dick. The gorgeous spinner uses the leverage to her advantage to drive her dude insatiable and then holds on cock-squeezing as Totti pumps rock hard and fast in her tightness until her ejaculation pours out through her.Intent on making her dude cum, Ria climbs atop Totti and rides him with fast undulations of her hips, squashing and jerking him toward his ejaculation until at the last moment he withdraws from her heat and enjoys his pull out all over his woman's round thick ass.As Totti eventually eases back on the pillows, Ria climbs off of her dude and lovingly gobbles the remnants of their passion from his boner before curling up to resume the interrupted nap with her love.





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