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Dressed in just boulder-holders and thongs, Riley Reid , Veronica Rodriguez, and Violet enjoy a fun afternoon of girls-only sheer pleasure and laughter. Gradually, though, their horniness overtakes them. Transitioning into a three-way kiss that allows them to work each other out of their scanty clothes, the nymphs settle into fun that is more sensual in nature.Violet is the first-ever to enjoy having her perky nipples munched by her 2 friends. Riley and Veronica are antsy to get the towheaded out of her g-string so that they can get down on their knees and take turns liking the juicy flavor of Violet's trimmed pussy. While Veronica is going to town with Violet's twat, Riley gets the party started for her Latina friend. Sliding Veronica's g-string aside, Riley settles in for a mind-blowing labia licking of her own. Wanting to get Riley in on the action, the nymphs rearrange themselves for something new.Riley climbs on top of Violet's face so that the towheaded can sample her fluid through her crotchless panties. Meanwhile, Veronica continues her labia fingerblasting of Violet's twat, which only gets better when Riley slides down so that Veronica has a double-stacked labia sandwich to enjoy with long sweeps of her tongue.Switching things up yet again, Veronica plants her snatch right above Violet's antsy face and dives in to Riley's landing de-robe labia with her magic fingers. Although she is liking Violet's magic tongue, Veronica has something a little bit different in mind as her 2 girlfriends soon learn.Climbing back into their labia sandwich, Riley and Violet wait with choky anticipation as Veronica carefully presses a double-sided faux-cock into both of their pearly fuck holes. The nymphs know just what to do once they're filled with this makeshift cock, pumping their hip and liking the sensing of being fucked.Once Veronica is temporarily done frolicking ringleader to the other 2 girls, Violet and Riley decide that it's the Latina's time to shine. Laying her down on her back, they work together with Riley finger romping her friend's tight fuck-hole and Violet massaging all over Veronica's assets until the tanned ultra-cutie is spewing out her sheer sheer pleasure all over the bed.Once Riley and Violet have munched up the mouth-watering mess, Veronica switches spots with Riley for another plump of labia fingering. When Riley is able to resist the allure of her pals thumbs and tongues, Veronica knows just how to send the brown-haired over the edge: She releases a Electro-hitachi vibrator and presses it to Riley's nub while Violet finger pounds Riley's super-fucking-hot tight hole.Then it's time for another plump of fun with the double-ended dildo. This time Veronica gets to enjoy the toy along with Violet. The 2 nymphs wait until Riley has slid it into each of their snatches, and then shove their hips in a scissoring motion that just gets better than ever when Riley adds the vibrator back into the mix. Briefly Violet is moaning her ejaculation while Veronica erupts her fluid everywhere once again.Now that the lovers are ultimately sated, they bask in the afterglow while sharing kisses of warmth and affection.




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