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Enjoy a voyeuristic perspective through a glass door as lovers Jenna J Ross and Marco Rivera steal a few passionate minutes together. Uncaring that they are evident to the outside world, Marco pulls his female close and fumbles Jenna's thick rump as they smooch and embrace. Jenna props her leg up and reveals her smoothly-shaven vagina so that it is within easy reach for her boy as he spurts to his knees in front of her. Marco takes advantage, adoring Jenna's g-spot with his tongue and fingers.Their make-out doesn't last long before Jenna looks her boy in the eyes and prays with him to enter her. Marco obliges, elevating Jenna into the air and seating her on his long rock-hard salami for a few impressive thrusts.Jenna turns around after that first-ever coming together, bending forward against the glass door and pressing her orbs against the wonderful glass so that her boy can mount her from behind.Leaning back to steal another smooch with her boy buried deep inside of her, Jenna looks her boy in the eyes and then turns around and gets on all 4s in front of him. She eagerly laps her vagina splooge off of his erection, and then opens her puffy lips wide and takes him deep into her mouth. After a few minutes of powerful suction, Jenna concludes the inhale job off by gobbling her way down her man's sausage and suckling his sensitive balls.Things get much more intimate as Marco lays his female out over a sofa and opens up her legs as wide as they can go so that he can thrust himself as far into her edible heat as he can go.As Jenna gets closer to her climax, she flips onto her mitts and knees and thrusts her luscious rump high into the air to encourage her boy to pulverize her rock-hard and swift from behind. Marco is happy to oblige, mounting his female with deep thrusts and pulling down sensuous kisses along her tender back and neck. With Marco bashing her g-spot while she rubs her own clitoris, Jenna soon comes apart and falls to her side on the couch. Jenna's boy doesn't miss a beat, following her down until she is fully satisfied.As soon as the last tremor has transferred through Jenna's body, Marco frees of her luscious heat and drains himself off those last few seconds so that he showers his nectar all over her plane belly. As the pair enjoy the afterglow of their lovemaking, they share one more long searing kiss.





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