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Dream Come True

Sensual Mindy sees Jason X doing construction in their attic, and the look of him performing such manly tasks gets her molten and bothered. She is immediately aware that she can't keep her palms off of him, so she doesn't even try.When Mindy instigates a lover's embrace, Jason eagerly allows his palms to slip beneath her short skirt and explore the revealed curve of Mindy's juicy ass. Mindy's palms are equally busy, gliding inside Jason's overalls to feel his rock-hard arousal.The lovers take things to the couch, where Mindy lifts her skirt and climbs atop Jason's face so that he can use delicate sweeps of his tongue to please the dreams of her needy twat. Wanting to give sheer pleasure as well as receive it, Mindy adjusts herself so that she is in a molten 69, giving her full access to suck and swallow Jason's dick. When she decides to liquidate her dress, she comebacks to her blow-job on her palms and knees with breath-taking eagerness.Finally prepped for the next step, Mindy climbs into Jason's lap and slowly impales her cream-colored coochie on her lover's erection. She takes a few experimental bounces and then settles into a juicy sustained pace as she enjoys the sheer pleasure of her pussy ride.When Mindy needs a break, Jason is glad to take control by putting his damsel up on the top of the couch and then shoving deep into her crevasse with deep shoves that beat her g-spot perfectly. Soon Mindy is gasping and wailing and groping her bud as Jason primes her figure for a ginormous climax.Shifting so that she is leaned over the couch with her pert donk held up in the air in an invitation to be fucked, Mindy holds on for a from the rear pussy boning that shoves all her buttons. She's still throbbing with sheer pleasure when Jason twists her around and brings her to her feet for a standing encore performance that is so tight and humid that Jason can't hold it in anymore, whipping out his molten humid geyser deep in Mindy's greeting snatch.





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