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The light paw of a hand on a shoulder is a signal from Bella Baby that she's in the mood for passion, and her lover Mercy Hartley is swift to respond. Slipping the spaghetti string of Grace's tank top down her shoulder to unveil perky breasts, Bella wastes no time in laying kisses and laving tongues upon her woman's puckered nips and down her pliable body.Although both dolls are surprised by Tess when she walks in to find them in the midst of foreplay, they soon invite her to join them. Tess joins Bella in idolizing Grace's pliable breasts, nipping and suckling at their bounty as Mercy squirms beneath their touches.Sliding a finger down Grace's flat belly, slips a finger into her friend's clean-shaven cooter and finds it moist and welcoming. She takes advantage of her discovery, alternating between deep-throating on Grace's mushy bean and pumping her fingers in and out of her cock-squeezing sheathe. Meanwhile, Bella continues to kiss and slurp at Grace's bra-stuffers and neck, keeping her lover trapped in a state of voluptuous overload until she cums.Bella takes her turn next, arching forward on her forearms and knees and propping her bottom up in the air to unveil her mild snatch to the mushy ministrations of Grace's endowed tongue. Tess is there to help hold her lover in place and accentuate the stellar enjoyment with her facehole all over her woman's body. After Bella spins onto her back, Tess has all the access she needs to drive her gal ultra-kinky by gobbling her bra-stuffers and Mercy gropes her wettened cooter to stimulate and awesome orgasm.With both blondes sated, it is time for Tess to lie back and receive the same enjoyment she has given them. With her legs spread to their max, Tess's perfect cooter is open to the mushy gropes that Mercy and Bella deliver as they drive their impromptu lover over the edge of passion.As all 3 dolls relax, sated, they exchange affectionate kisses and cuddles and bask in the afterglow of their lovemaking.





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