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Uber-sexy Dido Angel sees from the window as Tommy arrives home and then surprises him with a hug from behind. She's fast to hoist her mini-skirt so that Tommy can drown his face in her smoothly-shaven cunt going to town with his magic tongue and talented fingers.Although she is liking her cunt licking, Dido can't wait to get in on the action. She turns the tables on Tommy, extracting his rock-hard spunk-pump so that she can use her eager facehole and palms for a deepthroat job that practically blows his mind.Stepping back, Dido glides the straps of her dress down her shoulders and then brings her palms up to fumble her jugs while Tommy sees with rapt attention. Her striptease only concludes when the dress is a bunch of fabric on the floor and Dido is walking forward for some real loving.Climbing onto Tommy's lap, Dido squeals with the sheer pleasure of having her rock-hard nipples munched while she glides her jummy cunt down onto Tommy's pummel stick. After a few exploratory bounces, Dido lets loose, pumping her hips for a melon bouncing ultra-kinky ride.Next Dido lays back on the chair with her pretty slit propped up on the forearm in flawless boning position. Tommy rises to the task, sliding in until he's balls-deep and thrusting his hips in a harsh rhythm that Dido loves. It only gets better when the platinum-blonde gets down on her palms and knees for a doggy style cunt pounding.While Dido's whole body Is still throbbing with orgasmic passion, she wraps her thumbs and her lips around Tommy's spunk-pump to work him towards the brink of his own climax. When he ultimately loses his fountain in her mouth, Dido is all smirks as the warm jizz runs in rivulets from between her lips.





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