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Teaser Pleaser

Seductress Jillian Janson teases Tommy Gunn with glimpses of her bra- and thong-clad figure through sheer curtains, titillating his gusto until his spunk-pump is rock hard. Jillian isn't about to stop teasing quite yet, though. She slips her hooter-sling off and then unties her bottom, revealing her chubby bottom and landing unclothe labia that are well-prepped to party.Now that she's well-prepped to get this show on the road, Jillian doesn't hesitate to get on her knees and pull Tommy's spunk-pump out for her evident admiration. The light-haired can't keep her facehole off of the head of Tommy's dick, and soon she is alternating between deepthroating him off and lapping happily at the tip of her hard treat.Eager to turn the tables on Jillian, Tommy arranges his paramour so that she is standing with one leg propped up so that her sugary-sweet poon is wide open for his magic tongue to go to work. Jillian can't get enough of Tommy's teasing licks, and the smirk on her face only gets bigger larger when she is finally allowed to drown down onto her lover's spunk-pump to fill her spunk thirsty labia all the way.When she is totally impaled, she takes a few experimental shoves before letting Tommy piston in and out of her cock-squeezing envelope with enough strength to start her full globes bouncing. Finding that he can't get quite the leverage he needs to supply the labia romping he craves, Tommy puts Jillian on her back and goes to town driving in and out of her fuckhole with the strength of pure lust.When Tommy encourages Jillian to get up on her mitts and knees, she does so gleefully. The new angle of penetration is everything that Jillian wanted, leaving her pushing her hips backwards for fuller penetration while she breaths in breathless shrieks that express her ecstasy to the whole room. Now Jillian goes back to work with her magic facehole and hands, masturbating and deepthroating him towards his climax. She insists on one more climax, which Tommy graciously gives her with a spooning screw that brings him right to the verge even as Jillian clenches around him. Tommy hardly has time to let out and shove his spunk-pump towards Jillian's facehole before he pulls out his fountain on her anxious tongue and all over her gentle torso to leave his paramour frosted in his adoration.





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