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Fat And Pearly

Chesty babe Ariana Marie flashes off her cock-squeezing assets in a matching hooter-sling and g-string that serve a single purpose: to tease Bambino into ravishing her stiffy craving body. The super-naughty teen performs a passionate dance that grips Bambino's interest and then struts forward so that she can capture his lips in a kiss that promises so much more.With her soft bra-stuffers leading the way, she works her way down Bambino's assets and pulls his stiffy out from his briefs. Within a matter of moments she has munched her way up the manmeat of his rod and then taken his stiffy into her scorching anxious mouth. Using her forearms and soft tongue to supplement the fever of her mouth, Ariana delivers a oral delight that Bambino won't soon forget. It only gets better for the black-haired ultra-cutie when Bambino pulls her around so that her coochie is planted in front of his facehole for a languorous 69.When Bambino turns Ariana around and slides into her for spooning sex, her sigh of elation is audible. He takes things slow to start, filling her with long slow milks that soon speed up until Ariana's bra-stuffers are quivering with the intensity of his thrusts. Rolling onto her knees, Ariana positions herself for a doggy-style coochie pounding. Bambino holds nothing back as he goes to town on her shaven snatch. He even spanks her butt a few times, and each time his palm meets Ariana's bottom she screams her approval.Switching things up so that Ariana is riding cowgirl style on Bambino's cock, the couple enjoy a few moments of magnificent eye contact as Ariana loves the sensing of fullness from having Bambino drowned deep inside her. He's so close to nutting that when Ariana climbs off of him it only takes her a few moments of sucking the head of his stiffy before he packs her anxious facehole with his immense cream-colored cum.Bambino may have finished, but Ariana wants one more climax, and her lover is happy to help out! Planting her throbbing coochie in Bambino's face, she rides his willing facehole while he works her bean and vulva with his tongue until she shoots a load a final time with a gasp of full ecstasy.





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