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Well-prepped My Love

Alexis Brill hoses herself off in the pool douche before cautiously stepping to the switching apartment where she glides on a summery dress. That's the brilliant garb to meet Matt Denae, who is immensely thankful of every inch of Alexis's superb body. They are briefly liplocked on the bed while Matt's palms wander Alexis's lengthy gams and up underneath her miniskirt.Once he finds out that Alexis isn't wearing underwear, Matt knows that he can't remain away. He gives Alexis's cunt a diminutive rub, and then mildly lays her back and parts her hips so that he can give her the loviní she is worth with lengthy laps of his tongue on her soft folds. Finding her clit, he concentrates on that spot of sexual need until Alexis is choking for air and fondling her own fragile funbags for added stimulation. Getting his frigs in on the act to ram in and out of Alexis's crevice is the final straw that leaves her pulsating and choking for more.As her assets quiets from its very first excursion to enjoyment town, Alexis gets on her knees and lovingly wanks Matt off. Bending forward, she opens her facehole and affixes her pointy lips around his poke stick. Her initial slow wanks little by little lead to longer and deeper deep throating as she works her way up to a fellatio so lusty that Alexis can't keep one of her palms from tugging her twat. Signaling for Matt to join her as she lays on her side, Alexis opens up her gams so that he can spoon with her and come in her from behind. His ample wood is just what the dark haired fuckfest kitty needs to be satisfied. The swifter he crams her, the louder she shrieks with eagerness. Getting up on her palms and knees to switch things up, Alexis enthusiastically takes a doggy-style cooch tearing up that leaves her mewling as her needs are little by little fulfilled.Alexis is still not satisfied, and Matt is blessed to keep going when she turns onto her back and opens up her gams in a prayer for more. He keeps up a sustained rocking motility for as lengthy as it takes to get Alexis off one last time, leaving her boneless with contentment. She's not about to let Matt go unfulfilled after toying guy so well, so as her assets resumes to pulse she bj's him off with bunch wanking act until he gushes in her facehole to give her the salty handle that she has really earned.





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