18 Sex Teen

As We Lay

Sweetheart Mindy is luving a peaceful nap when she is awoken by Jason X, her lover who has some pretty sensuous ideas of exactly what Mindy needs. After they indulge in a sweet sensuous makeout session, Mindy wakes up enough to climb atop Jason's lap and really take charge of their lovemaking.She begins by using her mild tongue and eager mouth to deliver a luscious blowjob. Long sweeps of her tongue segue into a utter on fuckpole and ball deep-throating that leaves Jason squealing in delight and eager to return the favor. Mindy is all too blessed to take him up on it, and soon Jason's super-hot tongue is working her landing disrobe slit into a sexual frenzy.Now that they're both warmed up, Mindy and Jason can't wait to fuck. They kick things off in missionary pose as Mindy is in the midst of coming down from her first-ever climax. Slow jacks of Jason's knob soon get bigger quicker and tighter as they find their pace and budge together in a spunky mating of bodies.Eventually Mindy rolls onto her stomach with her knees beneath her assets so that her bootie is slightly elevated. Jason gets up on his knees and slides himself back into Mindy's welcoming heat before fastly setting a breakneck ball-slapping pace that his lover adores.As she proceeds to work her cootchie for multiple climaxes, Mindy climbs aboard Jason's stiffie and gives him a rock-hard ride with pumping hips and bouncing tits. Jason isn't about to let himself be dominated, though; he soon rolls Mindy on her back and screws her delightful slit until one last orgasm rolls through her. Her throbbing walls milk Jason's orgasm out as well, and at the last Second he releases so that he can let out his huge fountain all over her stomach and tits in a satisfying conclusion to their lovemaking.





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