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The Fondle Of 2

A languorous kiss between 2 dark-haired beauties quickly evolves into a passion-filled encounter. Whim presses Megan to the sofa softly but firmly, kissing her way down her lover's small mounds and cock-squeezing flat belly. Using her fingertips to massage Megan's delicate clit, Whim proceeds her pleasurable onslaught on her lover's smooth skin and puckered nipples until Megan is squirming beneath her. Slipping her tongue down to her lover's mushy clean-shaven slit, Whim quickly takes Megan over the edge.Her body still zizzing with pleasure, Megan presses her lips to Caprice's nimble funbag and suckles her rock hard nipples until Whim drowns down to the bed. Megan uses the palm of her hand to massage Caprice's clittie as she plants mushy kisses on her lover's stomach and then slurps her way down to the mushy valley between her legs.Unable to lie still, Whim shifts to her knees and sticks her round bum into the air. Taking advantage of this new position, Megan crawls between her woman's opened up legs and proceeds her sensual onslaught on Caprice's pussy. Soon, Whim returns to her back and Megan presses the frigs of her hand deep into her scorching folds, using her skillful fondles to bring her lover to an incredible orgasm.





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