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No Holding Back

Uber-cute Alison Faye is making coffee following a night of sultry orgy when her dude Tyler Nixon approaches her from behind and makes his intentions clear by pulling up her micro-skirt and dropping a sultry kiss on her jiggly bald pussy.The couple moves to the bed right away, making it easy for Tyler to get rid of his woman's dress and arm her small orbs with their pierced nipples while Alison dry plows his rigid cock. Sliding down the blonde's supah slim body, Tyler goes to town using his tongue to lap and gobble at her shaven twat. When Alison's needy envelope is running in rivulets with anticipation, Tyler glides a finger in to make his cooch licking experience even better.Alison is antsy to make her dude as molten and super-naughty as she is, so she gets up on her knees and gives his trouser snake a long dry fuckin' that finally culminates in gliding down and impaling herself downright onto his stiffie. Undulating her hips, she commences a horny and insane drill festival that just keeps getting hotter the longer it goes on.Switching things up, Alison shifts to reverse cowgirl style so that Tyler can plant his hands on her hips to help her increase her rhythm. The new stance hits all the right spots so that Alison is briefly choking and wailing her pleasure.Next Alison lays back on the bed and opens up her long legs and supplies a fine cooch fuckin' that brings them both higher than ever. Tyler is the ultimate lover for his woman, alternating between rigid and delicate shoves and then rolling Alison onto her stomach to entice his chick to the verge of ecstasy and beyond.Wrapping her super-hot antsy lips around her guy's dick, Alison works her tongue to bring Tyler off in her waiting mouth. So that she can enjoy every last drop.





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