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More Than Friends

Suntanned sweetheart Karina Milky is in the midst of loviní a personal moment when she is interrupted by Dani Daniels. Praying her mate not to stop, Dani insists on joining her and following Karina's lead. In tandem they run their arms all over their pliable bodies, caressing their mild delight buttons until they let liberate in simultaneous orgasms.Properly heated up for passion, the chicks turn their attention to one another. Dani sneers timidly as she bends in to suckle Karina's pert nipple. Karina bends into her friend's fumble and then locks her lips with Dani's in a mild smooch that liquidates all doubt that this date is everything they both need.Dani accepts Karina's tentative advances before taking manage of the situation, urging her mate to lay back and accept the delight that her molten moist tongue can bring. Spinning her tongue, Dani cocks her lover's crying fuckbox before backing off and tonguing her way throughout Karina's mushy fuckbox until the black-haired sweetie melts into another explosive orgasm.Eager to comeback the favor, Karina gawps thirstily at the lengthy slim glass fucktoy Dani has revealed. She knows that it will be brilliant to give both chicks the foray they crave. Karina oils it with her tongue, deepthroating and lapping at the faux-cock with an fervor that only drives the pressure inbetween the mates higher.Taking manage once again, Dani parts Karina's pouty fuckbox lips and slips the fucktoy into her friend's cock-squeezing hole. Karina stretches her gams farther to give Dani apartment to shove the fucktoy in and out, cosily unveiling her mild clitoris. Dani takes advantage, arching forth to knead the mushy bean while she suckles Karina's pliable breast.As Karina once again builds up in the direction of her peak, Dani slips back and presses the other end of the fucktoy into her cock-squeezing twat. Joined by the glass dildo, the black-haired hotties pump their vags in a pace that creates sweet friction for both of them. They thin forth to rubdown each other's enjoy buttons, shrieking at the delight that spikes thru them.As they ultimately reach the culmination of their efforts, the chicks attach their arms together and hunk down on the faux-cock until their fulfilled cunts almost touch. Gushing into twin orgasms, the pleased pair sneer at one another before sharing an affectionate smooch in the aftermath.




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