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Her Gash Covets

Super luxurious Aidra Fox is keeping herself occupied throughout the afternoon as she waits for her guy Bruce Venture to return her text so that she can hook up with him for a superb time. When he finally does get back to her, a ample sneer crosses Aidra's face and she rises to meet him.The lovers are finally able to come together and they do with a passion! Their clothes go flying as they get skin to skin as fastly as possible, and within moments Aidra is able to take her man's already rigid fellow pink cigar and wrap her eager lips around the head to embark a raw super-hot blowjob. In her enlivenment she takes every inch of her beau's penis deep in her throat!After enjoying the deep throat for a few minutes, Bruce just can't take it any longer. Elevating Aidra up, he flips up her micro-skirt and plunges his fellow pink cigar deep into her cock-squeezing snatch that is already dripping with pleasure. Aidra is blessed to ride her guy cowgirl style, thrusting her hips to piston Bruce's tear up pink cigar in and out of her jizm thirsty twat.Turning his doll over on her back, Bruce uses the ideal height of the couch to ram himself home from an angle that hammers Aidra's g-spot and causes instant screams of rapture from his woman. With Aidra fumbling her jewel in time to her man's thrusts, it is only a few moments before she experiences her first-ever trembling climax.Moments afterward after Aidra has rewarded her man with a Second penis sucking, she re-mounts his rock rigid penis to enjoy the strength of being on top. Bruce plays along for a while, but as Aidra's Second orgasm gets bigger closer he flips them into a spooning stance and then spurts down to slurp out her still throbbing snatch for a prompt Third quivering moment of ecstasy.Next Aidra goes up on her mitts and knees and offers her luscious rump to her man so that her tender snatch is entirely exposed. Bruce instantly takes advantage and delivers a proper snatch poking that goes on until the last moment when he whips out to let Aidra swallow down all of his salty super-hot jizm in her anxiously open mouth.





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