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After a uber-cute dinner, Zoey Paige and her stud Logan Pierce comeback home to enjoy an intimate evening together. Zoey lets her stud know she is interested as she slips her nude foot up Logan's leg and runs her toes along the ridge of his erection. Leaning forward, Logan kisses his nymph deeply and then smiles as Zoey takes charge.Lifting her man's t-shirt and pulling down his pants so that his rock-hard weenie springs free, Zoey bends forward and wraps her antsy lips around his shaft. She hastily becomes engrossed in her task, bobbing her head up and down with lust as she elations her man.Reaching back while she resumes to deepthroat and lick her man, Zoey pulls her undies to the side and slips her fingers down her slimy wet vagina before sliding first-ever one finger and then another into her weeping pussy. Finding herself slick and ready, she elevates her head and flaps her hips to settle herself on Logan's lap with his rock-hard bone restrained deep in her super-steamy channel.Zoey moves up and down, making long leisurely jerks as she pulls her top down to splash out her breasts. Logan knows what to do, leaning forward to take hold of the mushy pearl of Zoey's nipple between his mushy lips as Zoey resumes to budge above him.Wanting to give his nymph the ultimate pleasure, Logan elevates her from his hips and urges her to lean forward on the bed with her obese vagina unsheathed from behind. Leaning forward, he drowns his face between her legs and laps her fluid with obvious pleasure. When Zoey is balanced on the pinnacle of her orgasm, Logan pulls away and reenters her from behind, pumping strenuously to give his nymph exactly what she needs to cum. Her climax roars through her, and she turns over to offer her stud a enjoying smile.They spoon together as Logan pushes quickly, prodding himself over the edge. He releases at the last moment, spilling his stud mayo all over Zoey's hairless mound and belly. Sated, the lovers exchange laughing kisses as they bask in the afterglow together on the couch.





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