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Going Deep

Huge-boobed stunner Aidra Fox wanders the mansion in a matching hooter-sling and g-string as she searches for Van Wylde so that they can have a great time. When the lovers ultimately find each other, they share a protracted kiss that rapidly leads to something much more sensual.Kissing his way down Aidra's vapid belly, Van relieves her of her g-string and then thrusts her up against the window so that he can bury his face in her luscious ass and eat up and down her delicate poon with lengthy sweeps of his tongue. When Aidra's coochie is ultra-cute and lubricated up, Van tests her readiness by finger pulverizing her needy hole until she erupts with ecstasy.Aidra is all about turning around and pulling Van's trunks down so that she can wrap her super-steamy lips around the head of his fuck-stick and commence throating him off with impatient bobs of her head. She takes her time delivering a mind-blowing lengthy blow-job before climbing back to her feet and plastering herself against the wall so that Van can slip into her greeting heat.The couple embarks off with slow lengthy strokes, but Van can't manage himself for long. Soon Van is pumping away at Aidra's needy snatch, pushing in and out for a ball-smacking rigid poon pounding.Taking things back down a notch, Van lays Aidra down on the bed and goes to work gobbling and loving her saucy puss with his tongue. Again his lapping wanks commence off slow, but soon his enthusiasm can no longer be contained as he settles in for a true poon feast.Now that Aidra's coochie is newly slicked up, Van slips his man-meat inside for another lush of fun. Aidra can't keep from sneering as Van works his sexual magic on her, bringing her to ejaculation with his skillful strokes.Letting Aidra take control, Van stretches out on the bed and lets her mount him so that she can ride his stiffie to her heart's content. His dildo is a ideal fit in her needy puss as she bounces up and down until her titties shake and her breath comes in bellowing gasps.When Aidra has had her fill of riding her intimate stud, Van takes the reins once again and presses her down onto the bed to drive her to one more shrieking completion. Still pulsating with her orgasmic release, Aidra gets down on her knees and opens her throat to receive her salty surprise of Van's cum in her impatient throat and all over her uber-cute face.





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