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A Gift For You

Tommy Gunn is making out with the barely-clothed Alli Rae when she blindfolds him and tells im that she has a surprise for him. Highly first-ever she gets naked, pulling down her boulder-holder to the ground. Then she invites in her pal Marry Lynn for a surprise 3 way that Tommy is going to just love.Dropping to her knees, Marry pulls Tommy's pants down so that she can go to town using her endowed gullet to blow and enjoyment his stiff dick. Meanwhile Alli removes Tommy's blindfold so that he can appreciate the 3 way and then puts her intense bare jugs in front of his gullet so that he can suckle the stiff puffies and huge areolas before joining Marry to make it a double blowjob.When the 3 rearranges themselves so that they can move on to a different sort of fun, Marry is the first-ever to get her shaven cootchie filled and plumbed by Tommy as she leans down to take it doggy style. Alli enjoys watching the show in front of her, particularly when Marry leans forward to push her lover's g-string aside and use her endowed thumbs and tongue to enjoyment Alli's appetizing shaven snatch.Next it's Alli's turn to have her hole sated as she lays back with her legs spread and Tommy's full salute pumping screams of appreciation from her anxious mouth. Marry climbs atop Alli's mouth, putting her cootchie in ideal slurping stance so that Alli can enjoy a appetizing treat as she's having her cootchie pounded.Finally tossing her panties aside, Alli waits until Tommy sits down on the couch and then climbs aboard his knob so that she can continue her stiffie ride at her pace. Her huge breasts bounce with the force of her shoving hips as she works her way in the direction of explosive enjoyment with the help of Marry's thumbs on her clit.Now it's Marry's turn to enjoy her share of the attention, and she starts out mirroring Alli's original stance on her back with Tommy working his fuck-a-thon magic on her appetizing twat. Alli cushions her lover's head in her lap and uses her endowed mitts to massage Marry's neck and joy bags so that she increases her woman's enjoyment tenfold.Alli can't stay completely out of the act for too long, so Tommy takes a break to allow the ash-blonde bombshell to crawl so that her gash is just above Marry's face. This new stance makes it easy for Alli to work Marry's fragile enjoy button with her fingers, bringing her ever closer to paradise.When Marry comes flying over the edge of passion, Tommy perceives his own climax getting wanked out. He pulls out at the last moment and unleashes his fountain all over Marry's vapid stomach so that Alli can eat it up and snowball her salty gift with her surprise lover.





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